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Two Sided Food Photography

January 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

So, I have been doing a lot of research on food photography and there seems to be two types of food photography that really stand out (I'm sure there are many other types, these are just the two that came up most regularly). 


The 'lay flat' style

I love this type of food photography. I think its a really great way to show off a food's quirks. It has almost no depth of field and its almost as if you were looking at it from a bird's eye view. It only see the tops of the food so the nicest feature of the edible substance must be facing upwards. For mine I decided to go full 90's with sprinkled covered bananas and everyone's favourite... waffles. I found that the images looked better when I made sure the food was in some sort of order. I was particularly careful with this when I photographed the waffles. 

I really enjoyed the preciseness of this way of working and it also meant I had sprinkle covered waffles to eat afterwards and you can't really beat that. This would be a great style for a book cover or for a more stylised look.

Waffle Food Photography


Traditional Food Photography 

The other way of photographing food is in a more traditional style. As you can see in the photos above the two styles are very different. They use the same food but the outcome is very different. The photograph on the left has more depth with the use of a shallow depth of field. You also get a sense of movement with the dusting of icing sugar falling onto the waffles. As you can see the two photographs deliver completely views of the food, but both have a nice impact and in my opinion make me want to eat the waffles...but that might just be me. 


Blueberry Food Photography The two styles of food photography also require very different shooting techniques. The main one being the lighting. The lay-flat style call for a light over the top of the food. This eliminates shadows and makes sure that every detail is caught. whereas the other style needs more of a window light, which is what I do using my studio lights to emulate this. 

The lay-flat photographs also need a smaller aperture which means that more of the photograph is in focus. You can see this difference in the two photographs above. Every blueberry in the image on the right is in focus and detailed. The pancakes and blueberries in the left hand photo are in focus but the background is out of focus and blurred. 

bananas food photography The last set of photos above are purely fun. Who doesn't love sprinkles? The photograph on the right I would personally have on my walls as wallpaper but my boyfriend 100% would never let that happen. 


I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and got something out of it. As always let me know if there is anything you want me to photograph and I am available for bookings, just go to the contact me page. 


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