Beautiful Couple Photoshoot on the Beach

April 18, 2017  •  1 Comment

Southport: the Beautiful, Forgotten Seaside Town


So on Saturday morning my partner asked me if I would drop him and some friends off in Southport for a 'Zombie Night' (don't worry this post isn't about that), which I said yes to, because I'm nice like that. I had also just bought a lovely new (second hand) 35mm film camera from a charity shop for £20, which is an absolute bargain, so my creative photographic juices were already flowing.


I remembered that I had done a bathing suit photoshoot a few years back in Southport and how much I loved it. Southport is one of those seaside towns that looks a bit forgotten but exudes an old-school charm  that is great for couple photoshoots. So I frantically called round my group of friends and Lauren and Dale said yes! 


I knew I had it in the bag, as Lauren and Dale are such a fun couple. They are easy going and chilled so I knew they would let me experiment and play around with flashes and techniques that I wanted to try out. We went to the beach first as I had asked them to get there at 'golden hour' which you can read about here. I also wanted to catch the sunset and play with the wind (which there is never a lack of in Southport). 

We then went to the fair ground which is still working, but it definitely looks like it shouldn't be. We really just had fun with this photoshoot and played with angles and also just tried to show the playfulness of Lauren and Dale's relationship. I also really enjoyed working with the objects in the scene of the fair ground: the big wheel and the maze we ended up getting lost in. It was a successful evening... even if I did get lost on the way home, but that's nothing new. 



If you would like a couple shoot similar to this, you can contact me through this link here 



Lovely photos :-) gives me some inspiration for engagement shoot locations around Southport
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