Why you should hire a professional photographer for your wedding

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Can't I Just Use Disposables?

The simple answer to this is no. The more complicated answer is there are so many reasons why having a professional photographer is better than using disposable cameras or having your uncle bob bring along his compact camera. 


1. Selfies..

Unfortunately, although you can do everything you can to put a camera in the hands of your guests, by dotting them around the room or asking everyone to use their smartphones as much as possible, it doesn't mean those photos will be of you. You will probably just get lots and lots of selfies (I mean I don't blame them, wedding guests spend loads on getting ready for your wedding!). The good thing is, we as professional photographers get photos of everyone. One less thing to worry about! Even if you just put the cameras on the tables of the reception room, unless you are having a sober wedding, which are few and far between, you aren't going to get perfectly exposed arty fun shots of your friends dancing. No, no, no... you are going to get blurry, dark and frankly poor photos of your drunk mates trying to figure out where the flash is. 


2. Don't be a Bridezilla about it...

You don't want to be working on your wedding day. If you are constantly shouting "Oi come and take a photo!" or "Quick someone get a photo of us!" you are not enjoying your day. Your one and only job on that day should be to look the best you've ever looked and have the best day of your life. Let us do the hard work for you. We can boss people around and herd then into pretty formations in a snap... because its our job. While also being sneaky and getting those photos you wouldn't even think to grab aunty Lynda to take. 

3. These are a few of my favourite things...

Flowers, tiara, nails, bracelets, earrings, shoes, bag, garter...the list is endless. The plethora of small items you need to make up your wedding day are all things you will want to remember. They may be small but it doesn't mean you didn't spend ages picking them out. The flowers were booked last year, and you've been into the bridal shop to pick out the perfect jewellery so many times you've begun to re-think if you actually want to get married if you can't find the exact colour of silver you like. These things are just some of a photographers favourite things to photograph. We love to get cool looking detail shots with a shallow depth of field (this is why you need us), so you will never forget the time you were able to treat yourself to all of the extravagant luxuries you couldn't get away with now. 

4. We're not just photographers

Yes our mind is always completely on the job of where the next best photo is. However, we are not going to say no to a bride who can't zip up her dress, or a maid of honour who can't stick the veil in the bride's up-do. I've even been known to sew a bride's dress just before the wedding. I'm serious, we are a jack of all trades, master of photography (that's how that phrase goes right?). 

5.When its over its over

Whether you like it or not, your wedding only lasts a day. Don't get me wrong it WILL BE one of the best days of your life, but it doesn't last forever. But think of the excitement when you get a phone call or email from your photographer 6 weeks later with all those memories just waiting to be viewed! And the best thing is, those are yours to keep forever. That moment of 'shall we get the album out?!' will bring back that excitement over and over again. 




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