These Places I Call Home

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These Places I Call Home

So as you may or may not know, I live between two places. I was born and brought up in Salford in Manchester, and then I moved to Preston when I was 15. I then moved to Kent/London when I went to uni and carried on living there a few years after with my partner. I now live back in the North, but my place of work is still in London! My partner's family also live in the South East, so I basically live between the North and the South. I'm not complaining, I love them both equally for different reasons. Manchester city is my home and always will be, but the thing I missed the most when I move to the South was the easy access to the countryside. However, as soon as I arrive into Euston station every other week, I realise how much I miss the hustle and bustle of London. So here is a compilation of my favourite countryside photos from the North and my favourite city photos from London.

The photographs of the country side are taken at the peak district on my Canon 5D MKii and the photographs of London are taken on my 35mm film camera. I chose these cameras because of the results I get from them. 


And of course I miss the sheep...


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