The Coolest Wedding Venue in Manchester

March 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Is this not the coolest venue?

This New Years Eve wedding was set in one of the coolest venues I've shot in - the Place ApartHotel Manchester. The architecture might have well have been the theme because it needed no more. The high-rise hotel showcases its height from the inside... yes that's right you can see right up the centre of the building in the very room you have your ceremony. 

Not only that, the views from the rooms that the wedding party can conveniently get ready, sleep and party in after hours are what dreams are made for a city loving bride and groom. 


The ceremony is in the centre of the building and provides a perfect setting for the modern couple. If tradition is what you're after, I can't say this is the first place I would go to, BUT it definitely could be made into a traditional venue with a modern twist. Enjoy the photos below of the ceremony of Kerriann and Adam's wedding. 


Another amazing feature of the hotel is that you can use the beauty of inner city Manchester. The canal is right around the corner with gorgeous white bridges and the iconic red bricks of the original architecture. 


Its a great place if you want something a bit different but also somewhere that is visually exciting and aesthetically pleasing, because it has bags of character and no matter which angle your photographer points their camera, they will have a great photo. 

See their website HERE


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